The Keshinomi Mission

Keshinomi is an independent business dedicated to inspiring people to set amazing intentions and follow their passions - no matter what their passion is!

Chloe at Keshinomi

Hi I'm Chloe, the Founder & Chief Visionary behind Keshinomi.

Whether your intention is to be more calm and fully present or to have the courage to dream big and go for it, I want to inspire you to set yourself that intention and change your life.

I've been inspired to set myself a mission to motivate over 11000 people to set intentions over the next 12 months (today's date is May 3rd, 2019).

Be inspired, set intentions

I have no idea how I'm going to do it but I know I WILL DO IT, because I know that setting intentions is a powerful way to change your life for the better - it's my mission to share that power with as many people as I can.

But the intention setting is just one part of my mission. My greater mission is to help plant nearly 3000 trees over the next 12 months! I aim to do this by donating a percentage of every sale from Keshinomi to a charity called Trees4Life Campaign.

On a mission to change the world by planting trees


This is a VERY BIG MISSION, it scares the life out of me to see it written for all to see, but I'm passion about my 2 part mission because I know it has the power to make the difference to so many lives.

So, what intention are you going to set yourself?