• January birthstone garnet
  • February birthstone amethyst
  • March birthstone aquamarine
  • April birthstone clear quartz
  • May birthstone chrysoprase
  • June birthstone moonstone
  • July birthstone carnelian
  • August birthstone peridot
  • September birthstone lapis lazuli
  • October birthstone Opal
  • November birthstone citrine
  • December birthstone turquoise

Crystal Birthstone Wish Bracelets


A stack of three genuine crystal tumble stones are strung on to lightly waxed cotton cord, accented with with either silver or gold tone glass beads.

January - Garnet - Grounded
February - Amethyst - Enlightened
March - Aquamarine - Courageous
April - Clear Quartz - Innocence
May - Chrysoprase - Compassion
June - Moonstone (Rainbow) - Magical
July - Carnelian - Creative
August - Peridot - Hospitable
September - Lapis Lazuli - Rational
October - Pink Opal (Peruvian) - Optimistic
November - Citrine - Faithful
December - Turquoise (Dyed Howlite) - Prosperous

Please note: Due to the rarity and high value of Turquoise dyed howlite has been used instead

<- Sizing ->
Length: 280mm approx.
Tumbled stone stack: 5-10mm approx.

Comes on a A6, 200-250gsm lightweight card and is packaged in a striped sweet bag ready to be given as a gift.