EPIC Moon journal with FREE UK / USA moon phases calendar - instant PDF download to print yourself

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The Busy Mama's Moon Journal for decluttering your mind so you can put your thoughts in order, get more done and feel calmer was created out of necessity. 

I desperately wanted a way to journal and set goals each month, but every method I researched and tried I either couldn't get down with it or failed to stick at it. Basically I suck at being organised.

So I created the Busy Mama's Moon Journal as a way for me to quickly get my thoughts in order (logic brain) while honouring my free spirited tendencies (creative brain). And by tuning in to mama moon's cyclical rhythms I was able to use the energetic flow of each lunar phase to help power me through - plus the moon is a pretty epic reminder to set intentions and journal.


What you get in this instant download PDF printable

Your 17 page, A4 sized PDF with journaling prompts will guide you through the entire moon cycle so you can set intentions, get clarity and make amazing things happen.

You'll get:

5 FUNsheets to declutter your mind and get your thoughts in order.

2 rituals for 'Creating Space' and 'Letting Sh*t Go', perfect for those who *think* they can't meditate.

1 cheat sheet for all four key moon phases so there's no more guesswork around what to do and when.

The Keshinomi lunar calendar for this year's key moon phases is included FREE so you have all the dates to hand (currently set to the following time zones: London, UK; LA, USA; NY USA).



The gratitude tracker because thankful mamas are happy AF

The crystal recommendations guide because we all need little helpers

The guide on programming your crystals or gemstone jewellery with your intention so you can easily carry your dreams with you.

The 'Let That Sh*t Go' FUNsheet because it frees up space for positivity


Not sure if it's for you?

You're going to LOVE this journal but I get that sometimes a test drive is necessary so that's why I'm giving you a free sample of this epic moon journal to download now.

Your FREE sample includes 2 FUNsheets so you can declutter your mind and get your thoughts in order each new and full moon, plus the cheat sheet for the lunar phases - basically the essentials you need now to get started.


Have fun and enjoy setting beautiful intentions because you're gorgeous and totally worthy of creating a fabulous life


Chloe x