• Rose quartz and organic hemp wish bracelet
  • Rose Quartz and Organic Hemp Wish Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Organic Hemp Wish Bracelet


Who doesn't need a little loving? It's one of our basic human needs! Rose Quartz is great for attracting love into your life, think less about attracting love from another but instead working on raising your own love frequency. 

The Keshinomi organic hemp and crystal wish bracelets make the perfect gift for yoga lovers.

A single crystal gemstone has been strung on to lightly waxed hemp thread. Hemp is naturally organic, due to its hardiness it requires no pesticides. The hemp thread used has been dyed with eco friendly dyes. 

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Length: 300mm approx.
Gemstone: 6-8mm approx.

Comes on a A6, 200-250gsm lightweight card and is packaged in a striped sweet bag ready to be given as a gift.