• Rose Quartz tumble stone bar bracelet
  • Keshinomi tumbled stone bar bracelet
  • Rose Quartz Tumblestone Bar Bracelet

Rose Quartz Tumblestone Bar Bracelet


Rose quartz tumblestone bar bracelet for bringing love and peace to your heart chakra.

The Keshinomi tumble stone crystal bar bracelet is filled with good vibes only. I carefully handpick each tumbled stone stack to create your special bracelet, each one is different making it as unique as you! 

    Each bar is 20-30mm long by 3-8mm wide. Adjustable length from 170-220mm approx.

    I hope you enjoy wearing your new Keshinomi accessory as much as I enjoyed creating it. To keep it looking as fabulous as you please try not to get it wet. Avoid getting perfumes, sprays, lotions or alcohol on it which may cause staining/tarnishing.

    Crystals are delicate objects so be careful not to drop or knock your bracelet. When you're not wearing it keep it safe in it's mini jewellery pouch.