The Florence - beaded gemstone friendship bracelet in restful green aventurine

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Heart centred harmony

The forever young at heart Florence bracelet in restful green aventurine with gold tone accents is a wonderfully relaxing hue. Balancing the mind, body and soul it creates a sense of heart centred harmony. 

Wear restful green aventurine when you want to tune into vibes of reassurance and rejuvenation.

Why invest in a Keshinomi bracelet?

Adjustable fit
Worry free adjustable fit

The Keshinomi sliding knot clasp takes the guess work out of sizing so you don't have to wonder "will this fit?".

Strong cord
Snap resistant cord

Made from super strong nylon beading cord to withstand everyday wear.

Genuine gems
Gorgeous gemstones

Because only natural gems have the lustre and beauty that can't be replicated with synthetics.

Handmade in the UK
Made in the UK

Keshinomi bracelets are mindfully handmade in the United Kingdom, your purchase helps support and a mama run British business.

Peace of mind

Guaranteed for 90 days and cost effect repairs = happy customers.

Inspire good vibes
Inspire Good Vibes

Every piece features the Keshinomi 'Inspire Good Vibes' tag as a reminder that you're magic.

Totally giftable
Totally giftable

Whether it's for someone special or a treat for yourself, your Keshinomi bracelet comes beautifully packaged with love.