Tiger's Eye Strength 'Floating Gem' Necklace

  • £19.00

The Keshinomi Tiger's Eye 'floating' necklace on a super light but super strong waterproof nylon cord with gold accents. 'Healing' crystal jewellery featuring a single smooth, irregular oval tiger's eye bead.

The healing meaning of Tiger's eye represents STRENGTH a little reminder to take courage because you're stronger than you think..

The Keshinomi Wish Gems 'Floating' Necklace is so delicate and whisper light, you'll almost forget you're wearing it, this minimal design will soon become the one you never take off!

'Princess' style length at 47 cm / 18 inches approx. Will sit just below the collar bone (depending on your size this may sit above the collar bone).

Add on the Extender chain if you'd like a little more length.

The cord is designed to blend in with your skin to create the 'floating' illusion (dependant on your skin tone).

Makes a thoughtful gift or meaningful keepsake for a friend or female family member.

Presented on keepsake postcard and includes a decorative envelope.

✔️ STRONG waterproof nylon cord
✔️ Genuine gemstones.
✔️ 18" approx.
✔️ Plated metal accents
✔️ Eco-friendly card stock (carbon neutral sustainable source).