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I Create Functional Planning Tools to Elevate Your Productivity & Personal Growth

My Go-To Functional Planning Tools to Get You Started in Content Creation

Discover printable planner inserts, Notion templates, and expert guidance to help you redefine success on your terms as a creative knowledge worker.

Project Management Template for Notion

A simple foundation for you to customise, this template has been designed with Notion beginners in mind to help streamline your project management process.

The Next Level Essentialist - Bundle of Printable A5 Planner Inserts

Includes everything you need to go next level with functional planning the essentialist way.

Content Writing Template for Notion

Remove the pain of starting with a blank page, by turning a daunting task into a manageable one with “fill-in-the-blank” prompts and tips for structuring your content,

Planning with Chloe

If you're juggling family life with building a one person business, join me on Substack to become a better creative solopreneur in around 7 minutes per week (usually Thursdays ;-)

Uniting Creative Success, Solopreneurship, and Parenthood

Hi, I'm Chloe

With a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia, coupled with over a decade of hands-on experience as the founder of a successful web design and development company, I understand first-hand the intricate balance between creativity, entrepreneurship, and parenthood.

As a mother of three, navigating the demands of family while pursuing a passionate career has been integral to my journey.

Drawing from my experiences, I create functional planning tools for empowering you to embrace your vision for success so you can excel in your creative, solopreneur journey.

If you want to build a creative home-based business you're proud of, I'm here to guide you.