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Everything you need to get started bundle together in my most cost effective package ever, there's even a payment plan!

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Pick and mix to create your own bespoke planner set-up with individual inserts from the Essentialist Collection.

Plan Your Month

Experience the power of minimalism in planning your month. This simple and efficient planner insert will keep you on track and free from distractions.

See Your Week

Get a clear vision of your schedule, goals and action steps with this sleek week-at-a-glance planner insert. Stay organized and motivated!

Organise Your Day

Tired of juggling tasks? This insert for daily planning is designed for using the time blocking method to manage your day efficiently. Your to-do list, only better.

A system for simplicity, that leads to clarity

Introducing a paper planning system inspired by essentialism and a desire for getting things done in a healthy, holistic way.

Your quarter at an effortless glance

The Quarterly is the perfect way to plan your year ahead. See three months at a glance and focus on what's essential to help bring your goals within reach, wrapped up in an elegant cover page with handy notable dates back page.

Your mentor for an epic month

Ideal for planning your epic month and mapping a goal, including space for staying on target with trackers and reviewing your progress at the end so you can plan how to become 1% better with every step.

The month is spread across 5 pages, plus there's a sleek cover page, making this insert your stylish mentor and accountability partner for getting stuff done.

Your motivation for the year ahead

Say hello to your positive inspiration for the year with this elegant calendar insert featuring words to remind you that your creativity is a powerful force. Place it at the front of your planner to motivate you to share your unique gifts with the world!