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2 books to help you accomplish more while doing less

Juggling the demands of running a household while also running a business isn't easy, especially if you, like me, bought into the 'having it all' ideology from the women's liberation movement of the 1980s.

The truth is 'having it all' can come with a hefty price tag, so unless you want a nasty bout of burnout you need to focus your energy on doing the things that really matter rather than trying to do all the things.

I learnt this the hard way through what I now understand to be burnout. But it was through my burnout journey that I rediscovered myself, my limitations and how to become a better version of myself by 1% everyday.

The following two books have helped to me to totally shift my perspective from the 'work hard and hustle = having it all' mentality to the 'work smart do less = living a peaceful life' ethos.

These are more than just a couple of personal development books to motivate you to be more productive, these books will actually give you a framework within which you can build a better version of your current reality without running yourself into the ground.

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Playing Big - Tara Mohr*

This was the first book that really got me questioning what it means to 'do the work I came here to do'. There were so many head nodding and a-ha moments that I couldn't put the book down. A relatively quick read of just 304 pages, you'll find the end of chapter journaling questions are a great way to help you dig deeper and make progress towards becoming the woman you were born to be.  

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Tara's sections on the harsh 'Inner Critic' and the 'Wise Inner Mentor' have been instrumental for helping me recognise when I need to pause my train of thinking. The journaling questions from these two sections alone will change the way you think and ultimately change your life as a result.

By turning my harsh inner critic into a character and giving it a name (mine's Regina George) I can quickly identify and give validation to any negative, fixed mindset thinking, while swiftly shifting position to a growth mindset with the help of my wise inner mentor.

Remembering to do this little exercise when I'm about to embark down the path of overthinking with a big dose of self judgment is a practice in and of itself, but it's well worth the perseverance of continually bringing myself back on track because it ultimately saves me time in the long run - by not wasting time overthinking, worrying over nothing or mentally beating myself up.  


Playing Big - Synopsis

This book is a practical guide designed to change how you show up in the world, Don't skip the end of section journaling questions as they guide to either uncover truths about yourself that perhaps you haven't realised before or they bring you to a new way of approaching challenges. I also highly recommend signing up for the additional book resources as you'll end up referring back to those long after completing the book - I know I have.


Atomic Habits - James Clear*

If you need to drastically reinvent the way you've been *trying* to build habits then this should be your first go-to book. When I heard James' techniques for simplifying the habit down to its most basic version and then stacking it on to an existing habit my life was set for an overhaul.

After listening to the concepts in Atomic Habits* I was finally able to develop the habit of using a paper planning system consistently (after nearly 4 soul destroying years of consistent failures I might add).

Atomic Habits by James Clear

I opted for the audio version on Audible which is narrated by James Clear*, just so I could listen on the go while I did laundry or fulfilled orders for my online shop. At only 5 hours long I was able to get through the audio book over a course of a week while I was working at home.


Atomic Habits - Synopsis

This book is definitely one you'll want to revisit to help embed the concepts deep into your way of approaching habits. For me, the first listen instigated a mindset shift, the second helped me implement the concepts into my everyday life. I've not just listened to it twice, but have also dipped in as and when needed.


As a busy mum of 3 I don't always have time to indulge in reading a book, so listening to audio books via Audible is one of my favourite ways to consume information on-the-go. If you've not yet tried Audible then you can get 3 months of Audible for just 99p with the above affiliate banner. I earn a small commission if you sign up via my Amazon Associate link, it doesn't cost you any extra which makes it a beautiful way for you to support my work.


I hope you've enjoyed these recommendations, do drop me a comment if you've read them and what your top take aways were.


Until next time...

Happy Planning

Chloe x


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