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Moterm Luxe A5, Cream Croc Setup - Planner Tips and Supplies

Moterm Luxe A5, Cream Croc Setup - Planner Tips and Supplies

Hey Planner Fam ūüĎč in this video I'm doing a full flip through of my Moterm Luxe A5 Cream Croc setup. You'll also find all the links and shout outs below.


Moterm Luxe A5 in Cream Croc

I found my Cream Croc Moterm Luxe A5 in a Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook but you can find the latest Moterm Luxe 2.0 on AliExpress, (USA) or on the Moterm website.

For UK folks I've found the AliExpress official Moterm store is the easiest way to purchase (as well as cheapest!). 


Sticky Notes and Tabs

A combination of transparent sticky note shapes and tabs are a great addition to your planner. I found a sticky tabs and page flags set by Morandi on Amazon UK*. These are perfect for flagging a page in your planner for easy access.

Sticky tabs for planners


I also purchased a gorgeous set of transparent sticky notes from PLANxSTOWE on Etsy, I love the colour aesthetic of these as well as the various shapes, elevate your 'notes to self' with these beauties.

Plan X Stowe transparent shape stickie notes



Planner Stickers (Mini Icons, Date Dots and Shapes)

I'm a huge fan of Papertarie's planner stickers, especially her mini icon stickers, they are the perfect mini size for my planner inserts, I also treated myself to her date dots as a way of making my weekly inserts look more pulled together and far neater than if I just hand wrote the dates in.

Mini shape and date dot stickers for planners


I'm part of the Papertarie PR Team for July 1st - September 30th, 2022 which means you can save 15% when you use my code CHLOE15 at her Etsy shop during that time window.

Mini icon stickers for paper planners


Another gorgeous shop for planner stickers is Kolour Cafe, I've also just treated myself to one of her magnetic planner pins and I can't wait for it to arrive!

Mini icon stickers for paper planners


Planner Pens

For pens I've tried a few different places (GretaCreates on Etsy, as well as Amazon, TK Max and stationery departments in stores). However, the best place by far, especially if you're in the UK, has been Cult Pens.

Planner pens and highlighter brush pens

Cult Pens have a massive selection of specialist and Japanese pens, I'm low-key addicted¬†ūüė¨

My current faves from Cult Pens so far:

I also tried the Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 Pen in Warm Grey but I wasn't a fan of how much ink the nib deposited on the paper. It's still a gorgeous pen and writes beautifully but not so great if you want to instantly use a highlighter after writing something.

I recently ordered from Cult Pens, and they gave me an offer to share. You can get 10% off your first order, and I'll get 10% off my next order too, so we both win!

Until November 11th, 2022 you can get a code to save 10% at Cult Pens with my Refer a Friend link*.


Pencil Case

A large capacity pencil case is a must for keeping all your planner pens and supplies together. I was drawn to the retro colours of cream and brown on this super functional pencil case by Jimacro on Amazon UK*.

Planner cover and pencil case


Book Shout Out: The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron*

This book introduced me to Morning Pages. It's a 20 minute journaling practice that I do pretty much every morning to help clear out the mental burden. I've found it really useful for processing emotions far quicker than if I just let them ruminate in my head.

Audio book recommendation - The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

As a busy mum of 3 I don't always have time to indulge in reading a book, so listening to audio books via Audible is one of my favourite ways to consume information on-the-go. If you've not yet tried Audible then you can get 3 months of Audible for just 99p with the above affiliate banner. I earn a small commission if you sign up via my Amazon Associate link, it doesn't cost you any extra which makes it a beautiful way for you to support my work.


Freebies - YEAY¬†ūü•≥

Canva Template for Cream Croc Dashboards

Grab my Canva template for creating your own cream croc planner dashboards and sections. Please note: you will need a Canva Pro account as the cream croc image, monogram font, and line art graphics are Canva Pro Elements.


Printable Planner Inserts

In my planner I love to layer vellum over image based dashboards. You can use the freebies listed above to create one of the setups seen in my planner, as well as purchasing the A5 Printable Dashboard ft Minimalist Editorial Style Bible Verse (Reads: 'Only God Gives Inner Peace').


For all the inserts I use in my A5 planners check out the shop section.


And there you have it, a run down of the planner supplies I use as part of my Moterm A5 planner setup.


* Please note - Items with an Affiliate / PR / Refer a Friend links:

  • For items from Amazon links I found these through my own research and personally purchased most them for my own use before writing this blog post, but as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases you may make after clicking these links.¬†
  • With the PR and Refer a Friend links I may receive a small discount when I also purchase items from those stores during the valid period.
  • Some items I received free of charge in exchange for an honest review.